Business licensing services:

We have skilled and experienced team to provide all business formation and getting license thereon are as follows; Company/Firm, Trade License, TIN, BIN, IRC, ERC, BIDA Permission/Enlistment-Work Permit, CAAB, ATAB, TOAB, BSEC, BB, NGO, Society, Foundation, Trust, Trade Mark, Copy Right, BSTI, Environment, Fire, Drug license etc.

Are you thinking about registering/approving/licensing your business?

To start your business we have skilled and experienced team to provide all Business services including for Company Registration / Trade License / TIN / VAT Registration / IRC / ERC / Trademark / Industrial Design / Pattern / Copyright / Project Profile / BSTI / Environment Certificate/ fire license / BIDA or Bangladesh Investment Development Authority / drug license and domain hosting.

We also provide project profile / Share asset valuation / Partnership and other commercial law and contractual agreement / NGO / BURO/ ISO certificate / BSEC / Bangladesh Bank loan profile & many more.

You also contact us to get all business services including VAT (Value Added Tax), Accounting, Internal Auditing and Business License / Registration / Approval including income tax matters.


VAT (Value Added Tax) Professional Services:

  • VAT Return (monthly) submission books of accounts and documentation thereon.
  • Price declaration.
  • Processing for VAT Exemptions, refund, adjustment and rebate regarding Import, Export, Manufacturing, supplies
  • Assist in Annual VAT Assessment, VAT Audit and on other findings

VAT (Value Added Tax) is an important source of revenue generation for Government. Every company needs to deposit VAT into Govt. treasury accounting on due time. Failure to do so can lead to serious consequences for the business. Mainly Basic Problems which arises during the return filing situation includes, the followings:

  • Complexity of filing the return.
  • Keeping track of information with previous month’s return.
  • Procedural issues regarding submission of the return in vat circle office etc.

We, Eliash & Associates, suggest people who are facing complexity during filing a return to take help from professionals regarding the issue. This will enable an assessed person to formulate return with correct and accurate amounts which will also ensure less possible future problems which can be raised regarding return filings. 

Everybody should file his/her return in time to avoid any fines and penalties that may arise for late submission being a company or a person himself.

We are provided the following services:

  • Preparation and submission of monthly VAT Return.
  • Maintenance of Registers/Documents as required under VAT laws.
  • Assistance in management of VAT operations.
  • Reply to the queries made by VAT Authorities on VAT related issues.
  • Filing appeal, attending hearing and follow-up for obtaining appeal order  from the Commissioner (VAT).
  • Filing appeal, attending hearing and follow-up for obtaining appeal order  from the Appellate Tribunal- Customs, Excise and VAT.
  • Drafting and filing of Written Arguments/Submission/Explanations.
  • Conducting VAT compliance Audit.
  • Obtaining certified copies of order passed by the VAT appeal authorities/Tribunal.
  • Guidelines related to regular transactions for compliance with VAT laws.
  • Training and guidelines for deduction of VAT at source (VDS).
  • Advice on framing International Agreements from VAT point of view.
  • Training/Presentation on VAT related topics selected by the clients.
  • Opinion on implication of VAT on Merger, Acquisition, Disposal, etc.
  • Guidelines for claiming input VAT rebate and obtaining other VAT incentives.
  • Compliance with VAT laws relating to export and deemed export.
  • Claiming VAT refund and duty drawback.
  • Preparation and submissions of Price and other declarations.
  • Obtaining VAT Registration/Central VAT Registration.
  • Providing opinion on VAT disputes and assistance in resolution thereof.
  • Initiate and settlement of VAT disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Method.
  • VAT deposited to the Government exchequer on timely basis and to the right code of accounts.
  • Address change.
  • Revenue and VDS reconciliation.
  • VAT assessment at various level (Assistant Commissioner/Commissioner/Appellate Tribunal), documents preparation & review, attending hearing on behalf of client.
  • VAT Rebate.




Company Laws (RJSC) services:

  • Registration/Formation of a new Company/Firms/Society/Foundation/Trust and other Institutions.
  • Filing Annual Return with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC) through online and manual and approval thereon.
  • Filling Allotment of shares, Transfer of Shares, Increase share capital, to RJSC through online and manual and approval thereon.
  • Changes in the company’s Board of Directors, Name of Company, MOA & AOA as the case may be.
  • Proceeding and getting approval on company’s struck off, Winding up etc. with the RJSC.
  • Review & interpretation on Financial Statements and Audit Report thereon in compliance with the provisions of Companies act 1994.
  • Documentation on AGM, EGM, BOD Meeting notice regulation/minutes Certificate of Share Transfer, Share Certificate, Share Register and transfer register, Directors letter of offer, acceptance or declining and NOC thereon, appointment or resignation etc.

A Company started from Register of Joint Stock of Companies and Firms (RJSC) by registration. From maintaining proper statutory records and filling documents with the Register of Joint Stock of Companies and Firms (RJSC) to comply with statutory compliance to giving advice to directors of their responsibilities prescribed by Bangladesh Companies Act 1994 and preparation of all Minutes and other documents are some of the wider duties for which company secretarial service is needed most.

At Eliash & Associates, we, the highly professional team members, provide full range company secretarial support services to meet these challenging demands and legal obligations.

Corporate secretarial and compliance roles are key in most jurisdictions and local regulations are often complex and challenging. Our corporate secretarial services ensure that you can avoid maintaining an expensive secretarial team in your local office and be sheltered from the associated compliance risks.

Our proactive approach to secretarial & compliance support means we provide early warnings for approaching filing deadlines, meeting requirements and other associated activities. We provide your organization with up to date corporate governance changes tailored to local regulations and requirement.

We are here to ensure our global clients that their local operations are compliant with statutory company secretarial and other associated compliance obligations at the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms 

We provide a complete range of company secretarial services as follows:

  • Obtain name clearance of the company.
  • Draft MoA & AoA Preparation.
  • Documents preparation and prescribed Govt. fee deposited to the Bank.
  • Submitted prescribed Govt. form via online and hard copy to the RJSC.
  • Obtain Certificate of Incorporation from RJSC.
  • Board and General Meeting arrangement including preparation of notices, minute taking, meeting minutes drafting and filing.
  • Preparation and issuance of share certificates.
  • Maintenance of various registers such as share registers, transfer register etc.
  • Change in Company Name.
  • Change in Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Share issuance and increase in paid up/authorized capital.
  • Transfer of shares.
  • Change of registered address.
  • AGM & EGM Preparation.
  • Change in directors.
  • Annual filing of Schedule X.
  • Share Allotment.
  • Partnership Registration.
  • Society Registration.
  • Trust Registration.
  • Foreign Company Registration.
  • Branch Office setup.
  • Corporate governance advisory.