Entity Incorporation in Bangladesh is a procedure by which a business is established in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now being considered as one of the most preferred destinations for Foreign Direct Investment, which results in high numbers of entity incorporation in Bangladesh. The Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh has established several organizations such as Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Board of Investment, Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission to assist the foreign investors. Similarly, while following the provisions of the Companies Act 1994, these institutions have several laws and regulations which must be abides by. 

Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh

Bangladesh offers one of the most liberal foreign direct investment climates in South East Asia. The Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act 1980 ensures the equal treatment for local and foreign direct investors. In terms of costs, inputs, human resources, market access, facilitation, etc Bangladesh offers a competitive location for doing business. Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh is an appropriate sector which would potential yield higher returns than most other competing locations, with lesser risks. Authorities in Bangladesh make all possible efforts to reduce the costs of doing business in Bangladesh and minimize risks and uncertainties.




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