Inspired by the 21st century’s; One stop Service Philosophy; and having the strong potentiality of the team members, we offer a full range of value added services for business and individuals, in addition to the traditional compliance based work normally associated with a firm of Accountancy & Taxation (Income Tax, Customs & VAT), Secretarial, Commercial, Expatriate, Internal Audit, Assist in External Audit, Business Support & All kind of Corporate Affairs Service viz.


  • Ensure accurate payments worry-free
  • Reduce HR costs and admin burden
  • Get payroll and stat reports, bank payment files and online payslips for your employees
  • Gain access to a dedicated team of payroll experts
  • Labor contract signature
  • Monthly payroll
  • Staff visa processing
  • Personnel tax compliance
  • Statutory benefits compliance
  • Medical insurance
  • Expense claim
  • Benefits & Bonus



  • Preparation and filing of new hire reporting to state
  • Preparation of employee earning statement including current pay period and yearly wages and taxes
  • Processing of client reports and distribution of pay checks
  • Preparation of department summaries on basis of month-to-date payroll data along with customized client reports
  • Timely completion of TAX forms and well-timed response to employee payroll enquiries
  • Creation of Paycheck and Payroll sheet
  • Computation of both Federal and State dues with Check creation
  • Direct deposition of Taxes to both State and Federal agencies
  • Reginal TAX returns preparation