Inspired by the 21st century’s; One stop Service Philosophy; and having the strong potentiality of the team members, we offer a full range of value added services for business and individuals, in addition to the traditional compliance based work normally associated with a firm of Accountancy & Taxation (Income Tax, Customs & VAT), Secretarial, Commercial, Expatriate, Internal Audit, Assist in External Audit, Business Support & All kind of Corporate Affairs Service viz.


Corporate Income Tax consultancy services:

  • Analyze Financial Statements and Audit Report thereon in compliance with the provisions of Income Tax Ordinance 1984.
  • Organizing documents & evidence, which to be submitted along with return as per requirements of the tax office.
  • Preparation and submission of Income Tax Return.
  • Compliance for Advance Income Tax (AIT), Withholding Tax , Tax Deduction at Source ( TDS), Tax Exemption, Tax rebate, Tax Credit, Tax holiday, Evading penalty & miscellaneous (If applicable and potential)
  • Processing and taking care of the tax file and getting assessment done.

Individual / Personal, Association/Institute & other than company Income Tax:

  • Documentation on assesses all information regarding Income, Expenditure, Taxes, Assets, Liabilities & life style statements.
  • Calculation annual Income tax paid or payable completely considering the all relevant sources
  • Compliance for Advance Income Tax (AIT), Tax rebate, exemption & Investment Allowances, Evading/ minimizing penalty & miscellaneous (If applicable and potential)
  • Preparation and submission of Income Tax Return, Hearing against notice, Audit, Appeal & Tribunal (if required)
  • Processing and taking care of the tax file and getting assessment done.

Tax is the single biggest compliance burden and concern for businesses globally. Regulators are constantly increasing tax rates, scrutiny and legislation to ensure higher state earnings.Consequently businesses must ensure complete/absolute compliance to local regulations to avoid such reprimand.

Eliash & Associates offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services. Our tax experts have extensive local work experience in managing direct tax in Bangladesh. We help both global and local companies manage their tax compliance obligations locally on a day to day basis. We work closely with clients to deliver timely, high quality tax services to maximize tax-planning opportunities and find the right answers to the tax challenges in their respective industries.

We Provide:

  • Identify and Manage Tax Risks.
  • Tax Planning and Management.
  • Income Tax Computation and Return Submission.
  • Attending Hearing and Clarification against Tax Audit by DCT.
  • Obtaining Income Tax Clearance Certificate After Assessment.
  • Filling Appeal to the AACT/CT(A) and Taxes Appellant Tribunal.
  • Attending Hearing to the AACT/CT(A) and Taxes Appellant Tribunal on behalf of Client.
  • Half Yearly Return under Section 75A.
  • Annual Salary Return under Section 108.
  • Annual Employee Tax Filing Return under Section 108A.
  • Annual Interest Return under Section 109.
  • Annual Dividend Return under Section 110.
  • Assistance with obtaining ITES (IT enabled services) exemption in Bangladesh.
  • Advising on proper withholding tax and VAT from payment.
  • Collection of TDS and VDS challan and submission.
  • Computation of Quarterly Advance Income Tax (AIT) and deposit to the same to the Govt. Treasury.
  • Obtaining Provident Fund Approval, Gratuity Fund Approval, WPPF Approval.
  • Statement of International Transactions.
  • Transfer pricing documentation and study report.